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1 Car - 4 Mats2 Cars - 8 Mats5 Cars - 20 Mats10 Cars - 40 Mats
Hole Cutter Included

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Yakabowskas
Excellent Solution for Moving Car Mats

No more sliding car mat. I installed on my 2020 Honda CRV passenger side. Perfect. Mat stays in place no matter how much it is kicked on. By the way I have Husky heavy duty rubber mats that are lifetime warranty. Eagle Klaw works!

Jesse C
Better safe than sorry ORDER EXTRA!

My vehicle is a Custom built Street rod and the floor mats constantly move and wedge under the brake and gas pedal~so annoying!

I was debating ordering the floor mat clips after reading some reviews from other customers who had trouble breaking the claws when installing them on their car floors. I played it safe and ordered 8 when I only needed 4. So glad that I did because I broke 2 of them during installation even trying to be very cautious. My carpet is extra plush and I have 3/16" foam padding under it also. I think it is a great product, but it won't work for all vehicles. Luckily mine are anchored in well after breaking 2 and no more sliding floor mats!

Phillip Rabb
GMC matts are now junk

I have GMC 2018 Sierra. The passengers floor matt is garbage. It will not stay put and curls. I used heat gun to straighten them back out and put the Eagle Claw in. They are a bit taller than what is on driver side, but otherwise work great. No more sliding or curling.

David LaFave
Mats stay in place

I have a 2022 truck and my passenger floor mat would not stay in place. My wife was always adjusting it. After trying many methods to make it stay in place, I found these. They were very easy to install and the mat stays in place as it should. Thank you Eagle Klaw.

Janet Taber

My husband put these on passenger side of Ford F 150. Worked perfectly.

Mark Boardman
Awesome Product

I have fought a sliding rubber floor mat on a vinyl floor in my truck for years. It slid around like being on ice which made getting in and out hard. Not anymore, my mats are rock solid. I wish I would have found these many years ago.

Saleh ali
Works great with weather tech and smartliner mats

Works great with weather tech and smartliner mats, needs bit time to be properly installed but when done the mats is going on where, perfect and never damage your carpet.

Michael Clark
They worked great!

I bought a set of super thick/luxury Lloyd mats and they came with holes in the mats and cheesy retainers that didn’t work at all. One broke, the other didn’t hold. I searched the internet and found Eagle Klaw. Seemed like a solid design so I ordered a set. They work great! 10x better than the crap that came with my Lloyds mats. I’m about to order another set for another vehicle.

Ryan Sortor
So far, happy!

Working great so far. Time will tell how they last, but I think they will. Thx!

Aaron Hamilton
Nice product…

I am happy with the results.. A better way is use the punch as a drill bit to make the holes in your carpet. Back the carpet up with a piece of wood and drill.

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Eagle Klaw Floor Mat Clips Value Pack
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20 Mats40 Mats100 Mats
Includes Free Hole Cutters
  • 2 Fasteners per Mat. 1 Hole cutter for every 10 Mats.

  • Anchors, caps, sliding washers and hole cutters are Bulk packaged in separate bags.

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  • FREE Domestic Shipping Via USPS (2-4 Days).

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Eagle Klaw has stopped sliding Floor Mats in Toyota, Dodge, Nissan, Subaru, Jaguar, Ford, Maserati, Ferarri, Lexus, Jeep, Mercecdes, BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Lotus, Volkswagen, And More...

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