Fasten Your Floor Mats – The Eagle Klaw Story

Years ago, I bought a used 2004 Mercedes-Benz. I loved my new car. It handled like a dream, looked great, and I couldn’t wait to hop in every day and pick my kids up or drive to work.

But something was bothering me.

While stepping into my car, I accidentally pushed the floor mat up with my foot as I sat down. I pulled it back without thinking much of it. But then it happened again. And again. And again. Until I was fixing the car mat, so it wouldn’t touch the pedals, every time I stepped into my car. The other floor mats were doing the same thing too. Every time my wife got in the car, the floor mat on the passenger side would bunch up. And, of course, when the kids rode in the back, I had to take the time to straighten out the mats afterwards. Otherwise, the out of place rear floor mats covered up the air vents and made my car look dirty.

The floor mats were driving me crazy. My dream car was turning into a burden instead of a privilege.

In the 2007 BMW, front mats were attached to the floor with Velcro pads. While there was nothing holding the rear mats, I thought it was a step up. In only two weeks, the Velcro pads were torn and the floor mat retainers came off. We were back to square one.

Then things got serious. 

In 2010 the news reported a frantic 911 call from off-duty police officer Mark Saylor, a passenger in a Lexus sedan with a stuck gas pedal hurtling down the road at 120 miles per hour. One moment he was describing the situation, then silence. The car hit another vehicle, crashed through a guardrail, exploded in flames and killed all four passengers — Mark, his wife, his brother-in-law, and their 13-year-old daughter.

This horrific incident brought to light unsecured floor mat issues in Toyota and Lexus cars and touched off an investigation that led to a massive 1.2 billion dollar recall. The culprit was often a dislodged retainer hook that caused floor mats to slip and jam accelerators.

When I heard about that accident, I thought about how I’d had the exact same problem while driving with my family.

It turned out that owners of almost every car make and model have complained about car mats that refuse to stay in place. 

While automakers have begun addressing this problem in newer models, recalls due to unsecured driver side floor mats keep piling up.

And still, there is no secure and simple solution for driver side mats in older cars. 

And still, most passenger side and rear floor mats remain on the loose.

Aftermarket car mats sold at auto parts stores usually don’t even have mounting holes for retainers. For many car owners, manually adjusting their floor mats is a routine. Others use adhesives, Velcro tape, zip ties, etc. There are few car mat clips available, but they often fall apart or break off unexpectedly and are difficult to install.

I knew I had to find a solution to an annoying problem that had become a serious safety concern.

That’s why we’ve designed Eagle Klaw car mat clips to be like nothing else on the market: easy to install, reliable and inexpensive.  

Eagle Klaw’s patented multi-point tension fastener design works with any OEM or aftermarket floor mat, whether it already has pre-installed grommets or not. 

And, all you have to do to install Eagle Klaw is step on it! 

After that, you won’t even know it’s there. The anchor spikes won’t slip out of your carpet no matter how hard Eagle Klaw is pushed from any angle. The low profile cap screws into the anchor tightly so that you’ll never kick it getting in or out of your car, and no liquids will leak underneath your floor mats. The anchor will not leave ugly holes in your car floor if removed.

Eagle Klaw was created with the safety of my family in mind, so you can keep yours safe. 

Proudly made in the USA.



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