Install Eagle Klaw on your floor mat in 3 minutes!

Watch this real-time installation video and follow the instructions below. 

WARNING! Make sure the car floor has sufficient padding or space under the carpet at the place of Eagle Klaw anchor installation before making holes in the mats. 

If your car mat has pre-installed grommets or pre-made holes, skip to Step 2. 

Otherwise, for proper anchor placement, locate 2 spots on the mat that have minimum obstruction at least two inches from both edges. Make sure the anchors will meet the flat portion of the floor that has sufficient padding. 

Turn the mat upside down, and using the hole cutter, make 2 holes at the located spots. Remove one of the rubber nibs, if the mat has them, to make room for the sliding washer. You can twist the cutter by hand, or use a hammer and wood block.

Put the cap through the hole in the mat, and push the sliding washer, chamfered side up, onto the cap post. Make sure the sliding washer goes past the threaded portion of the post. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. It will be done in Step 5. 

You don’t have to use the sliding washer if pre-installed grommets are too high or the rubber or vinyl mat material is too thick.

Screw the cap into the anchor until the end of the cap post is even/flush with the bottom of the anchor. 

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the other corner of your car mat.

Place the car mat where you want it to stay. 

Pre-engage the spikes by pushing the fastener down or tapping on the cap with a hammer slightly to prevent rebound. 

You can also make small holes in the floor using an awl through the round openings at the end of the legs to guide the anchors. 

Where applicable, move the seat back and tilt the steering wheel up. While seated, center your heel over the Eagle Klaw cap and stomp down on it several times, as vertically as possible, with enough force for the anchor spikes to penetrate the carpet. Repeat on the other corner. 

If vertical leg position is difficult to achieve due to the space constraints, use a hammer. 

WARNING! Don’t step on or hit the cap on an angle to avoid breaking the anchor spikes.

Unscrew the caps and check under the mat to make sure all spikes are fully inserted. If not, complete the installation by stepping or pushing down on them. 

Screw the cap into the anchor until it is tight and the sliding washer snaps into the unthreaded portion of the cap post. 

To tighten the cap or remove mats for cleaning, unscrew the cap with your fingers, coin, flat screwdriver or 7/8” socket.

Now that you know how Eagle Klaw works...