Eagle Klaw is a patented multi-point tension fastener that grips the floor of your car stronger and installs much easier and faster than any other car mat clip. 

And here’s why…

The car mat is sandwiched between the cap and the sliding washer when tightened into the anchor. Use the optional 3/8" Cutter if your mat doesn't have holes.

When you step on the cap, the anchor bends inward and the spikes go through the floor on a slight outward angle. When released, the fastener springs back and the spikes return to a vertical position, gripping the carpet.

The five-legged design provides optimal force distribution and ensures that all spikes are inserted at the same time. 

The fastener doesn't move if you push the mat hard in any direction.

Due to the spike design, there will be no visible holes in the carpet if you have to remove the anchor, making it minimally intrusive.

The sliding washer moves along the unthreaded portion of the cap post to accommodate different mat thicknesses. When the cap is screwed in and tightened, the sliding washer is pushed up against the mat by the elevated portion of the anchor. The washer loosens, but stays on the cap when it is unscrewed.

The sliding washer doesn’t have to be used with hard car floor liners made from rubber or plastic if they are too thick. It’s also not needed for mats with pre-installed grommets.

In an unlikely event that a new anchor needs to be installed in the same place, it can be easily done by rotating the anchor and inserting spikes into the new spots. This is impossible to do with fasteners attached to the carpet at a single-point.  

Now that you know why Eagle Klaw works...