Eagle Klaw Floor Mat Clips for all car mats

Keep your floor mats from sliding with Eagle Klaw car mat retention anchors and keep your car safe and clean. 

- No need to drill or cut holes in the floor
- Takes about 3 minutes to secure your car mat
- To install, Just Step On It!

$16.65 USD$14.95 USD
2 Mats4 Mats
No CutterYes, add 3/8" Hole Cutter

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Keep your floor mats from sliding with Eagle Klaw car mat retention anchors and keep your car safe and clean. 

- No need to drill or cut holes in the floor
- Takes about 3 minutes to secure your car mat
- To install, Just Step On It!

  • FREE Domestic Shipping Via USPS First Class (2-4 Days) on orders over $30.00

  • Use at least 2 fasteners per mat

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 827 reviews
Aaron Hamilton
Nice product…

I am happy with the results.. A better way is use the punch as a drill bit to make the holes in your carpet. Back the carpet up with a piece of wood and drill.

Robert Cascadden
No more sliding

I got tired of mats that slide, and these did the trick in both cars.

Jared K Still
Easy to install and mats do not slide.

I installed the Eagle Klaw floor mat clips in my 2004 Mazda RX-8.

The driver floor mat previously would not stay in place.

Oddly enough, the drive side mat had a hole at the seat end of the mat, but there is no hook in the carpet to secure the mat.

As the hole was right in the middle width wise, I simply installed the eagle klaw in that hole, placed the mat, and pushed the talons into the carpet.

The passenger side utilizes a narrow mat, maybe 10 inches wide. I used the hole punch tool to punch the hole at the seat end of the mat, and in the middle width wise.

Once again, I placed the mat, pushed the talons in, and I was done!

BTW, I did ensure there was sufficient carpet depth in each location before completing the install.

Edward Barker
Solved my mat securing problem

My 2006 C6 Corvette had OEM floor mats that were secured by flimsy plastic tabs which snapped over oversized floor posts. The tabs broke allowing the mat to creep forward and bunch up behind the gas peddle. Not good!
No one seemed to have a solution until I found a referral to Eagle Klaw!
Problem solved!
And the customer service provided by their staff was outstanding!
I highly recommend them to anyone with a mat problem!

David S Yale Yales cleaning service
Great product works just as described

Works great, easy to use, inexpensive, now my floor mats stay put.

Michael Condon
Keep those Weather Tech mats in place

For those of you who struggle with keeping your Weather Tech mats in place, fight it no more. Eagle Klaw does the job. Plus, they are easy to install. Great product!

nestor molina
Eagle claw mat clips

Nice and strong easy to install I kicked the s*** 💩💩 out of them to set the klaw into the carpet and they did not break so far so good they hold my new mats in place "will they last who knows only time will tell" my truck is a daily driver so I will put these klaws to the test if they are trash I will let you know

Marcel Baque
Excellent product

It was very easy to install and clips fit well in my Mazda BT50 carpet.

Rodney Prufer

I installed the eagle claws on my 1932 Ford roadster. It has been in our family since 1951 & was my Dad's drag race car with 82 wins between 1953 & 1956. The carpeting was custom installed in 1980 & the insulation isn't compatible with the eagle claw grippers & won't hold the floormats. So I'm going to cut them off & mount the eagle claws directly to the floor board with screws. That will definitely secure them down. This is in no way any fault of the design.

Tundra passenger side Weathertech

Works as advertised. I put two clips at the top of the mat. I did this so there wouldn't be any holes in the base where water would pool and leak through.

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Eagle Klaw Floor Mat Clips Value Pack
$130.00 USD$109.00 USD
20 Mats40 Mats100 Mats
Includes Free Hole Cutters
  • 2 Fasteners per Mat. 1 Hole cutter for every 10 Mats.

  • Anchors, caps, sliding washers and hole cutters are Bulk packaged in separate bags.

  • To mix the colors, contact us when your order is placed.

  • FREE Domestic Shipping Via USPS (2-4 Days).

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Eagle Klaw has stopped sliding Floor Mats in Toyota, Dodge, Nissan, Subaru, Jaguar, Ford, Maserati, Ferarri, Lexus, Jeep, Mercecdes, BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Lotus, Volkswagen, And More...

Fasten Your Floor Mats...

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