What Every Driver needs but Few are looking for...

To help your viewers, subscribers and followers clearly understand that they need Eagle Klaw, you have to show them the long standing problem it solves, proper installation techniques and the results.

Here is an overview of the necessity for this product, examples of potential users, unique benefits, tips to avoid major installation mistakes, marketing ideas for headlines and captions. You will find some or all information useful. So, please read it!

Problem your viewers relate to but don’t think much about 

When passenger and rear mats are not staying where they are supposed to be, the floor gets dirty, rear vents may get blocked and, otherwise perfectly clean car looks messy. It’s inconvenient, annoying and frustrating. 

If not secured, skidding drivers’ mat can interfere with gas, brake or clutch pedals. Pedal entrapment can cause unintended sudden acceleration and lead to fatal accidents. Just Google “car mat crash”... What was once an inconvenient, annoying and frustrating situation, can very quickly become dangerous. This has prompted safety recalls by Audi, Toyota/Lexus, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and others. The latest are Maserati (2016), Subaru (2017) and Jeep (2018).

Is it solved? Well... not yet

While about 95% of new 2018 models at Chicago Auto Show had some kind of driver side mat retention, 70% have it on the front passenger side and only 10% in the back. But, keep in mind that an average age of 250 million cars owned in the US is about 11 years. 

You’d think the problem should've been solved by now and all cars would be equipped with reliable mat retention means? While some effort has been made lately by automakers, many cars, especially older ones, still have nothing to hold the mats down. Others use, sometimes difficult to install, hooks, clamps or Velcro pads, which often fall apart or break off. Dislodged hooks caused multi-billion dollar Toyota recalls. 

Maybe because it’s not only about how fasteners connect to the floor mat, but also how securely they stay in the car floor under the mat.

Who needs Eagle Klaw?

It turned out that owners of almost every car make and model have experienced the problem. Most people we’ve talked to are bothered by mats-on-the-loose in the front, back or both. 

Here are a few “obvious” examples. Parents care about their teen drivers’ safety or those with kids in the back. Uber drivers complain about rear mats not staying in place. Women want to keep their cars nice and neat. Some car owners put all-weather rubber or vinyl mats on top of the OEM carpet mats and they slide. 

There also are people who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on custom fit mats and prefer to keep their OEM mats which don’t have retention means. Although, Weathertech mats are secured with Eagle Klaw in many cars.

People don’t know they want Eagle Klaw… until you tell them!

So, we know Eagle Klaw is needed to keep car mats in place under the driver's feet, on the front passenger side and in back. We know it is very easy to install and more reliable than some other solutions. But, most car owners don’t know this and are not actively looking or shopping for car mat clips. 

Why? Maybe because people expect that car makers thought through every detail, and if the mat problem is not addressed, it’s something consumers have to live with. 

For many, manually adjusting their floor mats is a routine. The rest simply don’t care until they are told to check if the mats are secured. Your viewers will start thinking about the problem they have and will thank you for showing them a simple solution to stop the annoyance they don’t have to put up with anymore.

What’s unique about Eagle Klaw and the benefits users get

  • No need to attach anything under or cut the floor. 
  • Takes about 3 minutes to secure your car mat. To install, Just Step On It! 
  • Due to the spike design, there will be no visible holes in the carpet if you have to remove the anchor, making it minimally intrusive.
  • Eagle Klaw is made of hard reinforced plastic. Installs on carpet, rubber and soft vinyl flooring. The Eagle Klaw is not intended for use on hard vinyl floors because the plastic prongs can not penetrate it. However, we have customers who put small holes in the vinyl floor using an awl and then installed the anchors. 
  • Eagle Klaw fastens car mats made of any material. 
  • The fastener grips the floor with the strength of an eagle’s claw and doesn't move if you push the mat hard in any direction. 
  • Made in USA. Patented.

How it works

  • The car mat is sandwiched between the cap and the sliding washer when tightened into the anchor. The anchor has a thread-finding recessed area to make it easier to screw the cap into it. 
  • The five-legged design provides optimal force distribution and ensures that all spikes are inserted at the same time. 
  • When you step on the cap, the anchor bends inward and the spikes go through the floor on a slight outward angle. When released, the fastener springs back and the spikes return to a vertical position, gripping the floor
  • The sliding washer moves along the unthreaded portion of the cap post to accommodate different mat thicknesses. When the cap is screwed in and tightened, the sliding washer is pushed up against the mat by the elevated portion of the anchor preventing water from getting through the hole. The washer loosens, but stays on the cap when it is unscrewed. 
  • The sliding washer doesn’t have to be used with hard car floor liners made from rubber or plastic if they are too thick. It’s also not needed for mats with pre-installed grommets. 
  • In the unlikely event that a new anchor needs to be installed in the same place, it can be easily done by rotating the anchor and inserting spikes into the new spots. This is impossible to do with fasteners attached to the carpet at a single-point. 
  • Unscrew the cap to remove mats for cleaning.

What NOT to do when you install Eagle Klaw

It’s all in the Instructions, but there are people who don’t follow them carefully and make mistakes. As a result, spikes break or don’t go through the carpet; anchors don’t stay firmly in the floor. Viewers don’t see all the benefits of an otherwise perfectly working product. 

So, DON’T rely on intuition only. Before you use Eagle Klaw, please read the Instructions and watch videos on our How to Install page.

Here’s how to AVOID making the MOST COMMON MISTAKES and ensure proper installation:

  • Check for sufficient padding under the carpet at the place of anchor installation. Knock on the floor with a hammer or similar object. VERY RARELY, you may hear a “metallic” sound. That means the floor is thin and it lays on metal. In that case, Eagle Klaw anchors may break. 
  • The end of the cap post should be flush/even with the bottom of the anchor when you first screw it into the anchor in Step 3. Don’t tighten it before you stomp on the cap. The spikes may break or not go through the floor if the cap post sticks out under the anchor. 

  • Push the anchor down or tap on the cap with the hammer slightly before stomping on it in Step 4 to pre-engage the spikes, prevent bouncing and ensure vertical movement. 
  • Stomp down on the cap (not the legs!) vertically so the anchor legs can bend, spikes can penetrate the floor, grip it and not just stay in the carpet. If vertical leg position is difficult to achieve due to the space constraints (such as steering wheel, seat), use a hammer.  
  • Unscrew the caps and check under the mat in Step 5 to make sure all spikes are fully inserted. If not, complete the installation by stepping or pushing down on them.

Marketing Ideas

These are just ideas! Use what you like here for your script, what you say, descriptions, headlines, captions, or come up with your own.

  • One of the most neglected and overlooked problems car owners have are out of place floor mats. 
  • Bunched up floor mats drive me crazy. What about you? 
  • Car mats on the loose? Annoying? Yes. Dangerous? Even more so. 
  • Can floor mat get you killed? 
  • The ultimate answer to car mat recalls. 
  • Securing car mats might be easier than you think. 
  • How to stop floor mats from sliding. 
  • How to Keep snow and dirt on floor mats, not under. 
  • Fasten your floor mats...and have one less thing to worry about.
  • Fasten Your Seat belts...and your Floor Mats! 
  • New and easy way to stop skidding Car Mats. 
  • Finally, the "useful fidget spinners". 
  • These “Spinners” will stop sliding car mats in millions of cars. 
  • You cannot afford not to have Eagle Klaw in your car. 
  • How come I didn’t think of this? 
  • What Your car and Maserati may have in common? 4 wheels? Guess again (recall for unsecured floor mat)

More ideas?

  • There is no reliable and easy to use solution to sliding floor mats available on the market. 
  • Remember to check if the floor mats move around next time you get in your car. 
  • Think about the floor mats next time you get in your car.
  • Do yourself a favor. Take a look at the floor mats next time you get in your car. Are they in place? 
  • Don't put it off till later. You never know when you may need it. 
  • Is there a reason your car mats still move around? 
  • Car mats have an agenda of their own! 
  • Are your car mats out of control? 
  • Are you tired of your car mats moving around? 
  • Car mats on the loose? Should you care? 
  • Can you trust your floor mats? 
  • Ultimate answer to an annoying and dangerous problem. 
  • Low cost solution to an expensive problem. 
  • How to keep Car Mats in place. 
  • Fasten your floor mats before you fasten your seat belts.