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Car mats that won't stay in place? Annoying.

Bunched up floor mat under the pedal? Dangerous.

1. Problem

2. Attach Eagle Klaw

3. Solved

Eagle Klaw is a patented multi-point tension fastener that grips the floor of your car stronger and installs much easier and faster than any other car mat clip. 

 And here’s why…

The car mat is sandwiched between the cap and the sliding washer when tightened into the anchor.Use the optional 3/8" Cutter if your mat doesn't have holes.

When you step on the cap, the anchor bends inward and the spikes go through the floor on a slight outward angle. When released, the fastener springs back and the spikes return to a vertical position, gripping the carpet.

The five-legged design provides optimal force distribution and ensures that all spikes are inserted at the same time. 

The fastener doesn't move if you push the mat hard in any direction.

Due to the spike design, there will be no visible holes in the carpet if you have to remove the anchor, making it minimally intrusive.

What makes Eagle Klaw car mat clips different from other floor mat fasteners?

It’s the way Eagle Klaw connects to your car floor. Unlike other fasteners that come loose, dislodge or break, Eagle Klaw penetrates the carpet at 5 points and tensions with spring-like action, thus preventing it from moving in any direction.

How long does it take to install Eagle Klaw?

It takes about 3 minutes to install 2 fasteners for one floor mat. Having pre-installed grommets saves time even more.

How durable is the Eagle Klaw assembly?

Being made from reinforced polymer, Eagle Klaw will not fall apart even under stressful conditions, such as emergency braking. Remember, you have to step on it hard to install it in the first place.

Can Eagle Klaw mat retainers be installed in all cars?

Our product is designed to work in all cars that have carpet flooring with sufficient padding or space under it.

Does the car mat material matter?

No. Eagle Klaw securely fastens car mats that are made of rubber, vinyl, soft carpet or other materials.

Can Eagle Klaw be used with different floor mat thicknesses?

Yes, the Eagle Klaw cap, with a 1/2″ partially threaded post, works with most OEM and aftermarket all-weather car mats, such as WeatherTech.

Does the Eagle Klaw cap stay connected to the car mat when it is removed for cleaning?

Yes, if the mat thickness allows for use of the sliding washer that locks into the unthreaded portion of the cap post. You don’t have to use the sliding washer if the pre-installed grommets are too high or the rubber or vinyl mat material is too thick.

Do I need Eagle Klaw if my floor mat has nib backing?

Yes. Most automobiles subject to related safety recalls had car mats with nib backing, which did not provide secure enough retention.

Can the mat backing nibs interfere with the anchor?

While making a hole, punch out one of the nibs to provide more space for the sliding washer. Some nibs may be shaved off from the back of the mat, but usually it’s not necessary.

I have a retainer installed in my car. How do I know if it needs to be replaced with Eagle Klaw?

If you can flex or move the retainer in the carpet, it may come off when you least expect it.

Can water get through the cap mounting hole in the floor mat?

Tightening the mat down with the cap to the anchor, with or without the sliding washer, prevents or minimizes the possibility of water getting through the hole compared to a hook or post fastener design.

What colors does Eagle Klaw come in?

Eagle Klaw mat fasteners come in black, beige and grey colors.

Once Eagle Klaw is installed, how easy is it to remove mats for cleaning?

To remove mats for cleaning, simply unscrew the cap with your fingers, coin, flat screwdriver or 7/8” socket.

How many Eagle Klaw retainers should I install for each mat?

You will need two retainers in the back of the car mat to prevent it from moving in any direction. Having only one mat clip defeats the purpose because the mat can still move or rotate around it.

Will there be a hole in the carpet if the Eagle Klaw anchor is removed?

No. Because of the spike design, there will be no visible holes left in the carpet if you have to remove the anchor, making it minimally intrusive. This comes handy if you need to install new car mats with holes or grommets that require the anchors to be in a different place.

Can the Eagle Klaw anchor be re-used?

Theoretically, yes, but proper installation can not be guaranteed.

What is the Eagle Klaw warranty?

Eagle Klaw products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and subject to our Return Policy. If the product is found to be defective, a replacement will be sent to you.

What is the Return and Refund policy?

In the unlikely event that you need to return products purchased on EagleKlaw.com, you can do it within 30 days of purchase for a refund or replacement under our Return Policy. All refunds will be processed within seven (7) business days of receiving the returned item.

Did this happen to you today?

As you were getting in or out of your car, your floor mat got kicked under the gas pedal or the seat. 

You reached down to pull it back into place... and then it happened again next time.

It's time for an easy to install, low cost, permanent solution!

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"Bought these for the aftermarket carpets in my BMW M3. Worked excellent! Very easy to install...make a small hole in carpet with the tool provided, and snap the claws in place. Big improvement over the vehicle's stock velcro/screw mat holders. I've had the Klaws in over a month now and they're still holding strong! "

- Patty Browning

Ford with Weathertech

"I paid a ridiculous amount of money for Weathertech floor mats to go along with my F250 Crew Cab. It was like a surfboard for my rear passengers - always moving around when they got in or out. Bottom line: the Eagle Klaw product is AMAZING and I'd use it again! " 


- Donnie Chase  


"Whenever I would get into my stepbrother's Tacoma, the mat was rolled up against the firewall. Got a set of these and they work great. They are well made (in the USA no less!) and do exactly what they claim. There really isn't anything else like it. This is such a common problem that most people ignore, but why not put an end to it? Thanks EagleKlaw! " 

 - Brian Bailie

Eagle Klaw Fastener

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

- Made in the USA 

- Includes Eagle Klaw retainers, optional hole cutter and instructions. 

- FREE shipping to US destinations via USPS First Class unless specified otherwise. 

- International S&H Available

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