What might your car and a Crashed Aston Martin have in common?…Unsecured Floor Mats!

The loss of a $200k luxury car could've been prevented…

You get in your car, fasten your seat belt, make sure the side and rear view mirrors are adjusted and you take off. Right?...Wrong!
There’s one thing that you, and Jessica Ying Zhu may have forgotten - to fasten the floor mats.

It ended up costing Jessica her $200k Aston Martin and the life of someone in another vehicle.

At the corner of Knight Street and Westminster Highway, Zhu and her passenger were speeding into a backed up Richmond, B.C. intersection and hit someone’s rear end, causing an eight car pileup. The culprit was quickly found to be an Unanchored Driver’s Side Floor Mat jammed against the gas pedal.

For more details about this crash, read Martin Van Den Hemel’s Article here.

This is just one of many Unintended Acceleration Cases that have been consistently recurring. There are an estimated 16,000 that go undocumented each year! 

Out of place Floor Mats are one of the most bothersome and overlooked problems car owners have.

As much as the skidding driver side mat can cause danger, the passenger and rear mats are a clear annoyance. Let’s be honest, you’ve had to mess with them more times than you can count.

But, despite many manufacturer recalls, people still don't pay enough attention to shifting car mats. We want to make sure an accident like this doesn't happen to you and others by offering an innovative and inexpensive solution.

Learn here how you can stop sliding car mats with a stomp of your heel!

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