Top 3 Must Have Items for Uber Drivers!

Being an Uber driver is a great way to get your side hustle on but keeping your passengers happy and safe adds some difficulty.

Here are a few must have resources that can help you maximize your hustle and minimize your headache.

Eagle Klaw Car Mat Fastener:

Your car may be your baby but your passengers aren’t always going to treat it as such. Adjusting your out of place floor mats after every ride is really annoying. Almost everyone has a problem with sliding car mats that don’t protect the floor, may trip someone or jam the pedals.

Wish there was a simple and reliable solution to make your mats stay securely in place?... Meet Eagle Klaw, the new, American made, world’s only multi-point tension fastener.

No need to drill or cut the car floor. All you have to do to install Eagle Klaw is step on it! With its minimally intrusive design, the Eagle Klaw leaves no holes in the carpet if removed. See here how you can Stop sliding floor mats with a Stomp of your heel! 


MPOW Phone Holder:

A hands-free phone mount is essential to arriving at your passenger’s destination as quickly and as safely as possible. It prevents you from having to fumble with the phone in your hand and potentially make a wrong turn. This MPOW hands-free phone holder is your solution and is good for any car. Simply attach it to your windshield and you’ll be on your way.

Bumper Bully:

The Bumper Bully is a must for any city driver. This hang-and-go rubber guard will keep you free from scrapes and dings and always moving forward. In all parallel parked situations, there is a risk of you bumping into the car in front of or behind you, and even worse, another car bumping yours while you’re not even in it.



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