Maserati Recalled 28,000 Cars with Unsecured Floor Mats! Are the Mats in Your Car Fastened?

A Maserati isn’t something you buy on a whim. The lowest starting price is $70,600 and goes up to $182,000.

When you’re talking about spending that type of money on a car, you expect perfection, and that’s why Maserati owners were outraged over the recall that took place earlier this year.

28,235 Maserati Quattroporte and Ghibli manufactured between February 1st, 2013 and November 30th, 2015 were recalled in March. It wasn't because they had an engine hiccup, not because of a malfunctioning gas gauge, but because they were dangerous.

What made Maserati’s dangerous? A tiny problem that took 4 million Toyotas off the road in 2009. A simple design feature that could be easily solved with quality products.

Floor mats out of place.

After 4 separate cases of jammed accelerators in 2015, Maserati investigated their cars and found their floor mats were dangerous to Maserati drivers and those around them.


Yes. They recalled nearly 30,000 cars because the driver’s side floor mats were either not properly installed or had broken hooks that allowed the floor mat to slide every time the driver got in or out of the car. The floor mats would slide to the gas pedal and jam it down, sending the car out of control.

Floor mats are such a simple design feature that you expect a company like Maserati to nail it and never have a single problem. But they didn’t, and they are not alone.

Nearly every auto maker from Pontiac to Mercedes has had recalls for the exact same problem.

So if a company like Maserati can’t make safe floor mats for the amount of money a person pays for one of their cars, can anyone?

Don’t bet on it.

Don’t leave your safety in the hands of car makers who have failed to make their floor mats safe over and over again. Take control of your safety and the safety of anyone who rides in your car with the Eagle Klaw.


The Eagle Klaw is a simple and effective tool that will do exactly what the best car makers in the world can’t: Keep your floor mats from sliding a single inch.

The Eagle Klaw is a five legged anchor system that can be installed by simply stepping on it and is designed to work with any floor mat. Once the Eagle Klaw is installed the five polymer reinforced legs won’t lose their grip no matter what angle they are pushed or kicked from, and it fits floor mats so well that you won’t even know it’s there.

All without leaving large ugly holes in your carpet.

Will you let car makers handle your safety? Or will you take it into your own hands?

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