A pedal gets stuck under the floor mat causing a woman to crash into a pizza shop

July 10, 2019 Vallejo, CA  - Napoli Benicia restaurant is out of commission temporarily as its owners repair damage that occurred when a vehicle slammed through its glass front doors on Saturday, the Guerrera family, which owns the place, said.

A 62-year-old Benicia woman apparently stepped on the gas instead of the break and drove “right through the front doors taking out tables, a wall, and (the area) where we make pizza”.

Benicia Police Capt. Michael Greene said the woman, who was not injured, said her foot got stuck on the floor mat and she accidentally pushed down the accelerator.

“My general manager jumped over the counter to help the lady out of the car, because she was trapped inside,” Chris Guerrera said. “The video is crazy. It literally looked like her Camry drove right through the center of the 5-foot-wide front doors and there was a huge explosion; glass everywhere,” he said. Guerrera said it’s a miracle no one was hurt or killed. “There was a family of four, including two young children, at the table that was run over, but the kids were acting up and the parents asked for a takeout box, so, they left eight minutes before the crash”. Can you imagine how frightened those kids were and how traumatized they are?

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