3 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Car Clean

Your car is one of the most important things you own. Whether its driving back and forth from work or picking kids up from school most people use their car every day.

Since we spend so much time in our cars they end up reflecting the type of person we are. A well organized and neat person’s car is going to like it was just driven off the lot. A messy person’s car is going to look like its just came off tour with a punk rock band.

So what does your car’s interior say about you? Does it look like you could run a fortune 500 company? Or does it look like you mistook your car for a trash can?

Here are 3 simple tricks to make sure that your car reflects the neat and put together person you are.

  1. Keep Your Floor Mats Locked Down

This one’s a problem in just about every car make and model.

When people get in and out of their car their feet can push floor mats into the corner. Bunched up floor mats can be dangerous when they jam the accelerator but they’re also an eye sore. When a floor mat is out of place it not only looks bad but they aren’t covering your carpet, making it vulnerable to spills. Keeping your floor mats locked down is especially important when you have kids.

Most of the products on the market either break or leave your carpet with ugly holes. But not the Eagle Klaw. It is simple to install and its patented design will keep your floor mats in place no matter what.

2. Keep A Trash Bag In Your Car

Most people shove their trash into a cup holder or side panels on their doors. But that only works if you remember to get the trash when you get out of the car. And any food or sticky substances are going to be left in your car afterward. Plus trash has a funny way of working its way underneath seats and other places that can be hard to clean.

Get a small trash bag and hang it from the passenger headrest. Instead of digging through your car to get rid of trash you’ll just have to take out the trash.

3. Knock Off Your Shoes Every time You Get In

If you only knock off your shoes they are muddy or wet you’re tracking filth into your car every time you get in. Gravel and leaves will still stick to your shoes no matter what the weather is like.

All you have to do is knock your feet together every time you get in the car. It’s easy to do and only takes a second to do. But if you don’t you’ll be stuck vacuuming dirt and leaves out of your car later on.

What other tricks do you use to keep your car clean?

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