Eagle Klaw Floor Mat Clips for all car mats

Keep your floor mats from sliding with Eagle Klaw car mat retention anchors and keep your car safe and clean. 

- No need to drill or cut holes in the floor
- Takes about 3 minutes to secure your car mat
- To install, Just Step On It!

$16.65 USD$14.95 USD
2 Mats4 Mats
No CutterYes, add 3/8" Hole Cutter

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  • Use at least 2 fasteners per mat

  • FREE Domestic Shipping Via USPS First Class (2-4 Days) on orders over $30.00

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 726 reviews
william connery
A problem solved

A constant problem in my Mongoose 63 Grand Sport has been the thin rug over the left frame tube (below brake and clutch pedal ) gets ripped up by the heel designs of most shoes . a thin floor mat stops my shoe from ribbing away the rug ,BUT. the floor mat keeps ending up wadded under the pedals. mounting two of your Eagle Claw clips up by the drivers seat base has stopped the mat from moving forward up under the pedals. I drove to several locations over a variety of roads this past weekend with out any problems. thank you for one less worry while driving.


Works great, as advertised, easy to install in minutes and was easily affordable and worth every penny. Unless sliding mats under your feet don’t bother you. Now all the debris stays on the mat for easy removal. Thanks, EAGLE KLAW! I’ve been waiting for someone to make this very product!

Erick Bowling

I have a Chevy Tahoe with 2nd row captains chairs which means I have a large T-shaped floor mat that was always wondering all over the place. When I came across Eagle Klaw, I had to give it a try. That mat stays put now even with my 3 kids tromping all over it. Great product and a great value, very happy with my purchase.

Charles Sanborn
They work perfect.

Great buy.

Joe McCullar

Great product that works!Very impressive!

Gregory M
They really work!

My 2012 Toyota Tundra has mat anchors on the driver's side, but not on the passenger side. I purchased some new molded floor mats, and the passenger one slid all over the place when my wife would get in and out of the truck. I decided to try Eagle Klaw. They were very easy to install, and the floor mat is nicely anchored now: no more slipping and sliding. They really worked as advertised, and I thought the price was reasonable for such a well-engineered product. Shipping was fast, too.

Jonathan Bruck
Works like a charm

Ive been frustrated with the drivers side floor mat constantly slipping and hacving to be readjusted. I installed these in about five minutes and I love how well they work.

Robert Elliott
C6 Corvette

Mats never would stay in place. One eagle claw on each mat solved the problem. Great item. 5 stars*****

Mike Heinzman
Eagle Klaw Review

one word is needed......


LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! It was so easy to install and looks awesome! Thank you!!!!!!


A VERY happy customer named Mike!

Works great - 2006 Mustang!

Installed on driver and passenger side of our 2006 Mustang convertible. Finally - something that will keep those mats from sliding to the firewall!

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Eagle Klaw Floor Mat Clips Value Pack

$125.00 USD$89.00 USD
20 Mats40 Mats100 Mats
Includes Free Hole Cutters
  • 2 Fasteners per Mat. 1 Hole cutter with every 10 Mats.

  • Anchors, caps, sliding washers and hole cutters are Bulk packaged in separate bags.

  • FREE Domestic Shipping Via USPS Priority Mail

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Made in the USA

Eagle Klaw has stopped sliding Floor Mats in Toyota, Dodge, Nissan, Subaru, Jaguar, Ford, Maserati, Ferarri, Lexus, Jeep, Mercecdes, BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Lotus, Volkswagen, And More...

Fasten Your Floor Mats...

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